Neroli Essential Oil

You might be familiar with Rose, Jasmine, and Lavender. Those we’ve heard of right…but what about Neroli?

Most of us are far less familiar with this delightful little flower, but after today, it will become one of your most treasured oils and most USED oils!

Neroli is also known as Orange Blossom.

It’s extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree and is most commonly used for Anxious Feelings, Emotional Balance, Relaxation, Stress, and Skin Issues. It’s also amazing for the Digestive System.

It’s properties are MANY…far too long to list here! Plus the FDA might not like it if I tell you EVERYTHING this amazing oil can do!

But I WILL tell you that It’s very antibacterial, and antiseptic, & antiviral…so you could use it as a hand spray, a cleaning spray or overall immune booster! Not to mention it smells absolutely delightful!

Physically, because it’s very antispasmodic, and anti parasitic…it’s very beneficial for the gut and the digestive system. Not to mention…again…it SMELLS AMAZING!

I keep saying that because, how many times do you have a young child or a reluctant spouse who is lke…”Ew! that smells nasty” when you’re trying to use some oils on them?

Why not reach for ones that smell amazing and they are drawn to, or mix these yummier smelling oils with ones that might be less than delicious, and create a powerful blend that works?!

Emotionally this oils truly is QUEEN!

It is soothing and calming to the body and spirit, and strengthens emotions at the same time that it brings hope to seemingly hopeless situations. It deeply encourages confidence, courage, joy, peace and sensuality.

Going a little deeper into the Emotional Benefits of Neroli…

This oil is known as the the Oil of Shared Purpose & Partnership.

That means that it is a very stabilizing, strengthening and unifying force when it comes to troubled hearts and relationship conflict.

It has a beautiful way of bringing sweet harmony into relationships that have been long standing and are now changing.

We all have these relationships…maybe with a spouse, or a friend, or even a child who’s now grown and the relationship dynamics are changing. These relationships require acceptance and growth and oftentimes, we don’t allow for change and growth the way we should and what lands in it’s place is bitterness, frustration and emotional distance from people that we once loved and cherished.

So when left unchecked, this emotional distance can grow and fester and become very destructive and cause lots of blame, punishment and even negative behaviors. Neroli invites patience, forgiveness and an ability to flow in grace and resilience as relationships change, while holding to empathy and kindness.

Neroli is also a very sensual oil, known throughout history to imbue certain sexual harmony.

So just as an emotional relationship between partners or friends can change over time, so can a long standing sexual relationship and the intimacy it carries. When a couple have been together a long time, they naturally will experience significant seasons of contrast within their sexual relationship. Neroli helps to honor what was young and fleeting and deepen into the longer lasting growth. It helps us to realize deeper connection within intimate moments, and helps to address the emotional barriers that might be present that are getting in the way of healthy sexual expression and loving connection.

Neroli is a gentle reminder that it takes time to nurture the process of connectedness and unity within our sexual relationship to our partner.

This gorgeous oil teaches us to allow adaptation, cooperation, tolerance, perseverance, and kindness. It encourages us to give space to our loved one in acceptance and support and to fully appreciate the beautiful tapestry that has been created as our two lives have intertwined over the many years of purpose and meaning.

Neroli is great for younger people, but it is especially amazing for those of us who are older, and who’ve lived many years in relationships with our spouse or friendships… and who are now experiencing shifts, changes, and are in need of the perspective and grace to flow easily with those changes.

I hope you use Neroli every day. Literally. Every. Day. and Every Night 🙂 Just sayin’.

Uses Ideas:

*Use on Heart and throat area for loving feelings & communication

*Create a linen spray for you and your beloved

*Use as a perfume (and aphrodisiac)

*Inhale deeply

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