Magnolia Essential Oil

Magnolia is such a beautiful scent. It can bring about powerful memories for lots of people, as most aromas do. My grandmother used to have a soap that was magnolia scented and I find myself being transported back to her house every time I smell this one.

I think we are often drawn to that which our bodies need, and truth be told, I was a somewhat anxious child and young adult…and come to find out, Magnolia is extremely soothing and calming to the body and to anxious emotions.

Interesting huh?

Magnolia flowers are steam distilled to release their amazing, powerful floral scent, and because of their calming properties for the skin…they can be used both aromatically and Topically as well as internally when needed.

Emotional Powerhouse!

Magnolia is known as the Oil of Compassion.

This beautiful oil reminds us to treat each other with mercy and compassion, and to really consciously live in a place of love and harmony with our fellow sojourners.

When there is distance between us, hurts, or judgments, or anything that causes us to withdraw from another human being, this oil helps to dispel whatever is clouding our ability to fully see and appreciate that person and relate to their needs, desires and pain.

Magnolia is a Maternal oil meaning it has a way of bringing in gentle, pure Divine nurturing, and can facilitate deep healing and bring about the deepest, soul level change within us.

If you would like to engage in life with deeper empathy, and share the kindness and respect that we all so deserve, then Magnolia is an oil to embrace!

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the Divine beauty within other people. Especially when they hurt us, or betray us, or abandon us in some way, but living our lives in detachment and suspicion or hurt, can cause a deep soul sickness that causes further divide within ourselves and humanity at large.

So let’s clear the gaps in our connection to others, let’s sweep away the perceptions of others we have that obscure the truth about who they really are, and let’s restore truth and understanding between us.

Magnolia offers this haven of refuge and reflection and inspires the deep, transformative thought that is needed for us to bridge those gaps, and put us on a path to greater happiness and unity with others.

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