Lime Essential Oil

Are you all getting your free lime this month? I sure am—I use this one all the time!

?add to my water for a burst of flavor and natural internal detox

?in diffuser for a brighter mood

?apply to back of neck when I feel tired

?add to cilantro rice

?diy mojitos, margaritas and guacamole

?apply to painful joints to decrease inflammation and soreness

?diffuse in morning when I am needing to be focused

Did you all know that lime has the highest level of Sesquiterpenes, which are powerful constituents found in some essential oils.

Sesquiterpenes are:



•soothing to inflamed tissue

•can produce profound effects on emotions and hormonal balance

•work on the liver

•are a gland stimulant

•increase oxygen around the pineal and pituitary gland

•have the ability to go beyond the Blood Brain Barrier (meaning they can cross the blood brain barrier increasing the oxygen to the brain).

Amazing little oil, eh? It’s *free* this month! Just place an LRP order before the 15th of 125 pv or higher and ? it’s in your wellness box!

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