We live in an age where we are very sedentary, where computers and smart phones have become our recreation.

We take elevators and escalators, we valet park, and we shop online, we even text family members in the same home instead of walking upstairs to talk face to face…all very convenient, but all contributing to one fact, …we no longer move!

It is said that “sitting is the new smoking” and we are starting to realize the deep and long lasting effects that this lack of movement is having on our bodies in the way of depression, anxiety, weight imbalances, and even dis-ease in the body.

So today, I invite you to consider movement.

How about just a walk every evening after dinner?

How about a gentle stretch while waiting for your coffee to brew each morning?

How about taking the stairs instead of the elevator?

How about parking farther away from the store and allowing yourself just 50 more steps?

How about adding a few stretches in bed as part of your Miracle Morning Exercise?

And if a little MORE intentional movement is desired, consider a little Yoga.

Running, Lifting Weights, CrossFit, and other higher impact exercises aren’t for everyone, but guess what, YOGA is!

Even the youngest can do yoga stretches.

I teach yoga to those who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury, and many of which are wheelchair bound where physical postures can be incredibly challenging. The good news is Yoga is also about settling the mind, and living in such a way where awareness of thought, word and action become united.

I invite you to MOVE this week with awareness. It’s also great to add essential oils to your movement, including Yoga.

If you need a few recipes and essential oil encouragement to get you moving, consider doTERRA’s new Yoga Collection!

It’s my absolute favorite! I use these oils even when I’m not doing yoga, just for emotional support.

But they’re especially amazing for Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or any Mindful Movement that you choose!

Just Choose It.


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