Price Per Drop

People tell me all the time that they don’t think they can afford essential oils.

Let’s take a closer look—each 15ml bottles has 250 drops or ‘application’ in it. You typically need ONE or two drops to help provide calming, soothing, protection, or energy for you body to stay well. ONE tiny little drop can enter the bloodstream in just 20 seconds and get to every cell in you body within 20 minutes. Add in using a carrier oil to not only provide better absorption but also stretch the oil use even further by using a rollerbottle.

Think about how little a “dose” is and the oils are truly pennies. Then consider the savings of a doctor co-pay, rx, etc….when you could have easily used an essential oil to catch your symptoms early. Many times you can treat common ailments at home with oils.

The initial investment for quality oils is so worth it. If you haven’t had success with oils you have purchased in a store, consider the purity and potency you are paying for. I am happy to help you see the difference.

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