Allergy Relief

Spring is coming and with that means allergies for many people! Even though the flowers and budding trees are so pretty they come with a bit of suffering. Fortunately there is a pretty easy and affordable—and natural—remedy.

You can take these 3 oils and diffuse them all day for relief, or make a 10ml roller bottle with 10-20 drops each (for adults) and apply to throat, neck, or behind the ears. Or, if you use a brand that is safe for internal use, you can take 2-3 drops each in an empty capsule or in water. (look at your label—if it doesn’t have a supplement fact listing it is NOT safe…store bought oils do not).

  • lemon helps dry up mucous and fight off unwanted threats to our immune system
  • lavender calms the overreaction of our histamine response naturally without overpowering our body’s natural processes
  • peppermint opens up airways and promotes clear breathing.

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