Essential Oil Safety

I used to use any essential oil I could find and never even cared about the quality (or safety).

Not any more! I am super careful as to what I put ON and IN my body.

There are countless reasons why I chose doTERRA but this is one of the biggest reasons—safety!

  • doTERRA’s oils are sourced from the region of the world where it is native. For example, frankincense is collected by farmers in Somalia where the Boswellia tree grows in ideal conditions. No greenhouses here!
  • each batch goes through 8 different rounds of testing and is also subject to third party testing.
  • here is where it gets even more amazing—because so many emerging EO companies claim to be pure, doTERRA takes it a step further and provides the consumer with testing reports. Each batch has a lot number that you can locate on the bottom of your bottle. Enter that number into and you can see the testing results. That is transparency.

If your preferred brand doesn’t have this strict of safety (and honesty) in mind, I encourage you to think twice. Check out this free guide to learn more!

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