Happy Monday Everyone!

I love the end of one month because the planning for the next starts to happen.  It is such an exciting time for me and I am super happy about what I have in store for February! In my planning, I also updated my pages here so check them out when you have time.

As you know, I am passionate about wellness and living a life of intention.  My full time job purpose is sharing Yoga with people living with brain injuries and other disabilities.  I am blessed to have found my soul calling and love each day I get to show up.  When I am not doing this, I am sharing my other passion and that is offering tools for people to live a healthy and full life.

As I sat in my morning ritual time that includes coffee, journaling, reading and reflecting, I was consumed with gratitude.  My life truly is blessed and I feel so complete.

Thank you for being part of my fullness and my bounty of joy. Have a blessed week!



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