Sometimes we forget that our bodies have the ability to stay healthy when given the proper tools—diet, exercise, sleep, reducing toxic load, reducing stress and more.

I love that essential oils play a huge part in my health—reducing toxic load, helping with sleep/stress, assisting with better breathing during exercise, flavoring my foods and giving my body a boost of goodness, helping to manage pain and so much more.

Oils are not going to cure anything, but they are going to help your body do it’s own part in the staying healthy. They are tools for your tool box and when used consistently and properly can have amazing effects. Plus it’s pretty darn empowering to take control of your healthy, naturally.

If you are ready, just go to:

https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/staciewyatt and click join and save! Choose a starter kit (my favorite is the home essentials kit) and you are all set!  When you purchase a starter kit, you get exclusive team perks, an amazing welcome gift and access to free education.

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