Caprese Stuffed Chicken

I committed this week to finding a new recipe to try because I am over the same ol’ dinners. Working full time and basically being in my car for the entire day means my eating suffers. It’s rare that I actually eat before the afternoon and by then I am starving. I will say though I have been better about trying to have easy things to eat while on the go like my mindful muffins, protein balls or breakfast cookies.

Anyway, dinners mean a lot in my world and I look forward to eating a solid dinner every night. I just am so tired of the same things so when I saw this in a similar version, I decided to go for it since I have an abundance of tomatoes and fresh mozzarella is just so good.

This Caprese Stuffed Chicken is made with juicy chicken stuffed with tomato slices, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, balsamic and herbs, topped with balsamic and pan-seared then baked to perfection.

This is an incredibly easy dish, made even easier if you’re using a skillet. It’s a simple meal on any weeknight but I decided fancy enough to serve the next time guests come over. I whipped it up in no time and the results were amazing.

I served this with a fresh salad and dinner was done.


•Preheat the oven and slice each chicken breast horizontally most of the way through the breast. Start with the thickest part first, being careful not to slice all the way through. You want to create a pocket.

•Place tomato slices, mozzarella slices, and basil leaves inside each breast and close with toothpicks. Place them in diagonally to help keep the filling in. Sprinkle each chicken breast with salt, basil, and oregano and heat olive oil in a non-stick pan or cast-iron skillet.

•Once the pan is hot, sear chicken breast on each side. When flipping to the other side be careful to avoid spillage! If you are not using a cast iron pan, place chicken into a casserole dish. If you are, leave them in there and place directly in the oven when ready.

•Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes

• Drizzle with a store bought balsamic glaze (or make your own with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar)

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