Consistency is Key

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

Anthony Robbins

I say all the time in my classes that Yoga is how we show up in life. It’s taking the tools we access in a physical practice—steadiness, concentration, presence, acceptance, surrender, courage—and applying them to life.

At the beginning of August I started a program to help me get back on my Yoga mat (or chair) consistently. To be honest, I was dreading it. The commitment that I made felt overwhelming and more than I could handle. I was so stressed about the details of recording the videos, when I would carve out the time, would it be good, what would I have to give up to make the time, etc.

Surprise surprise it has been one of the best months of my life. I crave the time to go out and move my body. Just 15-20 minutes a day and I am feeling more grounded, more aware and my body feels good.

The practice of consistency and showing up in your life with a commitment to be the best version of yourself you can is where the magic is.

I believe 100% that every aspect of our life will be influenced by being consistent. Our friendships, intimate relationships, work place connections, and our presence is the world itself will be effected in a positive way when we consistently show up for ourselves and others.

Consistently showing up.

Something magical happened yesterday in my work world that bleeds into this commitment of consistency. I FINALLY broke the code at a house I’ve been going to for TWO years with zero interest from the residents, minus one guy whose feet I rubbed consistently for two years until he passed away.

Every two weeks for two years I would knock on the door and ask the residents if they wanted to hang out with me. Saying the words “yoga practice” is far too intimidating because the image comes up in most people that it requires being on the floor like a pretzel. I have found just getting them to sit down with me is step one.

Today I unlocked the code of their resistance.

I had talked many times before to this guy but usually just asked how he was and if he wanted to try yoga. Always a no. He said he preferred to walk. I often thought to myself “me too, dude”. Nevertheless, I offered.

Today I asked about what I knew was HIS passion. I asked him which foot goes on the back of the surf board. He grew up surfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

That is all it took— meeting him at HIS INTEREST. The next 45 minutes three other residents joined (one young young YOUNG man who is new) and a man who has refused to even speak to me for two years.

Today I broke the walls. They all participated and I was so happy for them.


Showing up week after week even if they say no builds SO much trust. Trust that many of them desperately need. One student told me recently that the reason he comes to Yoga is because I am one of the only people in his world that do what they say they will.

Showing up in our own lives and practice takes consistency but the benefit is so remarkable. Whether you’re committed to your health, your business, your family or others the consistency is what will be the game changer.

Believe me, they are watching and you never know who you are inspiring.

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