Adaptiv Essential Blend

Feeling all the stress of life? Me too. I am grateful that I have some awesome tools to help me during stressful time, including aromatherapy. This blend in particular is one of my most used both in my home and in my work. How aromatherapy influences the brain and emotions is fascinating and truly remarkable. This blog post explains how.

Adaptiv essential oil blend is perfect for relaxing the mind and body. Use it for your most stressful moments – a big day at work, PTA meetings, potty training – or other big events! Adaptiv is perfect for studying to increase focus, and to calm any nerves. I love diffusing this one in the morning to get the mood around the house to be positive and hopeful.

Adaptiv offers a soothing and calming aroma. This blend is made up of:

  • Wild Orange-Invigorating & sweet
  • Lavender-Calming & soothing
  • Copaiba- Calm & steady
  • Spearmint-Relieving & uplifting
  • Magnolia-Opening & heavenly
  • Rosemary-Refreshing & clearing
  • Neroli-Rejuvenating & tranquil
  • Sweetgum-Floral & spicy

In clinical research done by doTERRA, participants repeatedly commented feelings of calm, content, positive, and happy. “Participants self-reported having lower levels of stress and anxious feelings…”

Adaptiv Essential Oil Blend is Known For:

  • Mood support
  • Complementing effective work and study
  • Increasing feelings of tranquility
  • Being soothing and uplifting
  • It’s calming and relaxing aroma

Need this blend in your life?

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