Pay Attention and Practice Gratitude

I think we get so caught up in life events having to be extraordinary in order to be happy, but I am with #brenebrown on this one that happiness is right in front of me when I am paying attention and practicing gratitude.

When I look back at my week I can say with certainty that it was a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, and it was also a week of ordinary moments in everyday life that can either be celebrated or denied. I had beautiful work, a profound experience with a dying woman, a pretty disappointing doctor’s appointment, amazing workouts, playing in my garden, driving over 750 miles for work, celebrating my sweet granddaughter’s birthday, and quiet moments on the patio.

Ordinary moments of life experiences, yet so amazing in many ways. I am grateful for my life in all of its craziness–the observing of joy and sorrow, celebrating small successes, experiencing humanness, giving and receiving love, and being the witness to the cycles of life. All of it deeply embedded in my heart.

Hope you have a moment to pause. To breathe. And to notice all that is good in your life. Try paying attention and feeling gratitude. It just may surprise you how ordinarily awesome your life is.

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