Citrus Essential Oils and Emotions

The capacity to link information and emotions is why essential oils are such a powerful partner in creating and maintaining emotional health. I love the brain and when I became a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, I learned so much science that validated what I was seeing with my yoga students who have brain injuries. These individuals cannot always easily express themselves. I saw quickly how their affect and attitude would change dramatically after smelling oils.

Curious as to why? Let’s get a little nerdy because you may be wondering how the Limbic System actually works. Well, let’s dive in!

As a person inhales an essential oil, the molecules of the oil go into the back of each nostril to the epithelium patch where the molecules attach to receptors on the cilia hairs. These convert to nerves that send the odor information to the olfactory bulb in the brain. This bulb communicates directly with the amygdala, hippocampus, and other brain structures.

Still with me? Good! Getting to the good stuff – promise!

The amygdala is the center for emotions in the limbic system and it links our sense of smell to our ability to learn emotionally.

This is EXACTLY why smells will trigger memories more than seeing an image, tasting food, or even listening to music!

Some of the most popular oils to start to anchor your emotional brain are citrus oils, as they provoke happy, uplifting, and supportive emotions in most people.

What is your favorite citrus oil to grab and inhale?

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