Healthy Start

I love this starter kit because it has everything a household needs! Plus the diffuser is a perfect one for bedrooms, kitchens, etc. I love that it runs for 11 hours!
This bundle comes with:

🌱On Guard—Energizing, Daily Immune Support
🌱Oregano—purifying, Mega Immune Support
🌱Lavender— Calming, Skin, Sleep, Babies
🌱Frankincense—Renewing, Relaxing, Brain & Immune Support
🌱Lemon— Revitalizing, Cleansing, Uplifting, Detoxing
🌱Tea Tree—Cleansing, Ear and Skin Support, Lice
🌱Peppermint—Stimulating, Cooling, Focus, Bug Repellent
🌱DigestZen—Relieving, Digestive Support, Bloating, Gas
🌱Breathe—Invigorating, Respiratory Support, Clear Breathing
🌱Deep Blue—Soothing, Aches and Pains, Muscle Support
🌱Stone Diffuser—Diffuse 5 hours Continuously or 10 hours Intermittently

Plus, you’ll get access to my VIP group, ongoing mentoring, free wellness consultation, and an amazing welcome package.

You can also gift this to someone! The gift of health and wellness–how awesome!

Order the Healthy Start Kit here and get started on a new path to wellness.

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