Bone Health

Did you all know there are oils that help with BONE HEALING? After having extensive ankle surgery, I am all about bone and ligament support.

This is a pricey blend, but the oils are great for so many other things that the investment is so worth it.

Check this out:

  • helichrysum supports healthy formation of new bone cells
  • frankincense supports healthy cells, tissue and ligament repair and discomfort
  • lemongrass is warming and promotes healthy fluid function, blood supply and tissue discomfort
  • sandalwood support healthy reformation of cartilage

10 drops helichrysum
15 drops frankincense
8 drops sandalwood
5 drops lemongrass

Add to 10ml roller and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil

Want to learn more about the basics of essential oils? Check out this gorgeous ebook.

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