Reflecting On Your Year

My most favorite few days of the year. A time of deep reflection, making space for new and planning. Before we jump into 2020 it’s nice to sit back and review your year—I even read my journal from the whole year. Then I sit and ask myself some reflective questions.

This is a great start:

I encourage you to write the responses down so you can look back at them again.
What were your biggest life lessons this year?
What specifically did you learn about yourself?
What challenges or fears did you overcome?
What were your successes?
In what ways did you change, stretch beyond your self-limiting beliefs or grow beyond your comfort zone?
What’s something new you discovered about yourself that you appreciate and love?
Who made a positive impact on you and your life this year?
In what ways did you positively impact someone else’s life?
What else are you grateful for?
Given all this, what are you carrying with you into 2020?

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