Self Care

Do you have a self care routine?

I used to never practice self care and my overall health was poor. I was angry, toxic, heavy (in all areas) and just an overall hot mess.

I began a consistent self care routine about 12 years ago and now it is a crucial part of my life. My mind, body and spirit thank me.

My self care routine is vital to me being able to show and serve the people in front of me day after day. Teaching anywhere from 25-30 yoga classes each week to adults with disabilities can be exhausting physically and emotionally.

The way that I recharge and make sure that I have enough to give includes:

• at least two walks per day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. I begin my day with walk, and end with a walk. If I am lucky, I grab a lunch walk too. I often pack a lunch that is easy to eat while walking and I always keep an extra pair of walking shoes in my car for impromptu walks.

• I wake up very early every day so I am able to get in my planning time/calendar time—which keeps me grounded and centered—as well what I call spirit time; I might journal or pull cards, or sometimes just sit and be, like meditation or breathing.

• I take at least one bubble bath per day, though most days it’s two. I either catch up on emails or leave my phone aside and relax into the bubbles. If I’m feeling behind, getting work or marketing or graphics made during bath time is actually more relaxing that putting off these tasks for another time. I tend to not relax until the tasks are all completed.

• I use essential oils daily—part of self care and slowing down is learning to listen and intuitively know what my body is needing. I use them for a variety of uses and have spent years educating myself on their benefits and properties. I feel empowered that I have choices and can use them effectively to treat pain, sleep, energy and much more.

• I get 3-4 massages per month as part of my self care practice. I used to think it was an indulgence. Now I realize it is a necessity.

• I practice mindful eating habits and choose small meals 3x a day and drink plenty of water.

What does your self care look like? If you’d like to learn more, I have some events later in the month! You can peek at my yoga image for listings.

And here is a listing of all my services—maybe some self care sounds good to you!

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