Hair Growth Spray

I have never in my life had long hair! My mom was a hairdresser and that meant I had short hair always, AND perms! Ack! I think my first perm was when I was four years old! And, I have really red hair so it’s no wonder I didn’t have a date until I was like 35….kidding, but still.

I have been growing my hair out for some time. I decided a couple of years ago that I want to turn 50 with long, beautiful red hair. I wont say my hair is long, but it is much healthier and happier. Plus, this smells so good.

In addition to taking the best supplements you can buy, I made up this awesome spray to help it grow and stay healthy. I can’t believe how long and shiny it is. My daughter is using it as well and her hair is growing like mad, too.

In a 2oz spray bottle:
? 10 drops cedarwood
? 10 drops geranium
? 10 drops peppermint
? 10 drops Clary Sage
? 10 drops rosemary
1oz witch hazel, top off with water.

Spray your hair once or twice a day!

To get these oils, just go here! Plus, these particular oils are great for so many other uses like sleep, hormones, tension, skin and so much more! Learn more about how to use essential oils here.

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