Making a Positive Impact

Years ago I was working at a j.o.b. that was in some ways really fulfilling, but in other ways I was longing for something more. I felt back then that there was a deep passion in me that was seeking to be revealed. I knew I wanted to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

I took a huge risk to leave that job and teach yoga full time. I had been teaching for about eight years, but mostly in the evenings and a few classes during the weekday if I could squeeze it in.

About the same time I started full time teaching (25-30 classes per week), I realized that the essential oils I was using in my home and in all my yoga classes were something that I was sharing with others all the time. The neighbor whose kiddos got sick, my mom’s chronic pain, a fellow teacher who wanted to revamp her toxic load, and many more. I realized that helping others get essential oils into their life is an amazing way to connect with others and earn money to help me reach my dreams.

People often think they couldn’t own their own business or do direct sales. I’d say if you love something, why aren’t you sharing it? If you find yourself wanting to help others, why aren’t you using this amazing opportunity to do that? If you’re longing for connection and to feel like you are part of something, what’s holding you back?

My team grew tremendously over the summer and am looking to grow my team even more this fall.

This is who I’m looking to partner with! Someone who is:

??Willing to learn the basics and work with me to launch and grow a business

??Hard working and dedicated and will treat this as a business

??Willing to work on themself via personal development

??Open to working with others, holding regular classes, and growing their own community

??Wants more for their life and wants to share their heart of service to help others

Is this you? I am specifically looking for 2 people for key spots in my organization. I’m so excited to hear from you!! ??

*You cannot be enrolled through another Wellness Advocate to apply for this. Must be either enrolled through me or not currently enrolled in doTERRA*

Let’s make a difference in people’s lives and make dreams happen!

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