Jasmine Essential Oil

Believe it or not, Jasmine is actually from the Olive family and it’s fragrance is POWERFUL! This is no weak scented flower or gentle aroma…it stands up and lets you know it’s in the room! it is sweet, tenacious and floral but with fruity and herbaceous undertones. It’s intense…and LOVELY!

In fact, it’s so powerful that historically it’s been known as “Queen of the Night” and “moonlight of the grove”. Women across the centuries have used and treasured this flower for it’s beautiful and aphrodisiac-like fragrance. And it has always symbolized hope, happiness and love!

It’s primary uses are for the Hormones and for Emotional Balance.

Hormonally, it supports the body where sexual health is concerned, as well as menstruation, pregnancy, labor and delivery. Hormone imbalance also can manifest in the body through the skin, by way of eczema caused by emotional imbalance, as well as dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin.

Emotionally it’s reaches deeply into the deepest layers of the soul and opens doors for our emotions to find expression.

Jasmine nurtures healthy sexuality and can ignite passions that have been dormant. Because it helps to foster healthy intimacy and trust, it can help create a positive sexual or intimate relationship where there might have been unhealthy intentions and motivations before. This oil encourages us to honor and respect ourselves and others.

If there is past sexual trauma, jasmine helps us to resolve that pain, and trauma and release it’s hold on our life and heart. It encourages safety within intimate relationships and invites only the truest and purest intentions to our sexual experience.

It Pairs beautifully with two other oils that are known for their powerful sexual properties…cinnamon and neroli.

Inhale this directly from the bottle, or apply to the pulse points in the body. Also can be applied topically over the sacral chakra (lower stomach, lower back and behind the ears.

If you’d like to learn more about the basics of essential oils, check out this free guide.

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