Lavender Essential Oil

It almost feels silly to write a post about Lavender. It is usually the ONE oil that most of us know inside and out and use the most often in our oil experience.

But today, I hope to share a few things about Lavender that might be review for some of you, and brand new information for others!

Lavender is lovingly referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of Essential Oils, simply because it has so many uses and is so versatile in ALL the body systems and functions that it’s known for.

This gorgeous oil is sweet, floral and slightly herbaceous in it’s fragrance. It also has some woody undertones that keep it from being overly sweet to the senses.

Children and adults gravitate toward this oil and because of its gentle but powerful nature and because it can be used NEAT (undiluted), it makes it a soothing oil for both the body and the emotions.

This oils is steam distilled from the lovely purple flowering tops of the lavender plant, and has been used for thousands years for its medicinal properties.

The list of individual health issues it addresses is FAR too long to list here, but includes everything from Seasonal Threats (aka allergies), anxious feelings, bug bites, bee stings, anything to do with the skin, highly energetic kids, stress, sleep issues, burns of any kind, all sorts of wounds…and very single thing in between.

The body systems it is especially adept at addressing are the Nervous System, the Cardiovascular System, the Skin or Integumentary System and everything to do with the Emotional Balance in the body, mind and spirit.

And it’s properties don’t stop there!

It is a chief enemy of bacteria, viruses, fungus, inflammation, toxicity, and all things mutagenic in the body, and works tirelessly against these and many more invaders of the body that can’t legally be mentioned here. 🙂

It can be used Topically, Aromatically AND Internally.

My very favorite way to use lavender is a drop in my hand, imagining the power packed goodness in just that one single drop. I’ll then rub my hands together and cup them over my nose and mouth, taking 5-6 BIG, Deep, Life changing inhales. This allows about 1 minute for the sensors in my nose to carry the chemical messages from the olfactory system, directly to my limbic brain where all of my emotions, stress, memories, and hormones originate.

In doing this, I can feel a tangible and immediate release of all stress, anxiousness and tension that I often carry in my body….and in it’s place, a calming. relaxing, and tranquil energy. Who can’t use more of that?!

I then, take my hands and rub over my forehead, my heart space and back of my neck as that is generally where I carry the weight of the world.


I touched on some emotional benefits of Lavender above, but there’s so much more to the Emotional benefits, that it warrants having it’s own section!

Lavender is called the Oil of Communication and Calm.

That’s because often our minds are overactive and struggle to find an outlet of verbal expression. In fact, even those who talk a mile a minute often do so because their minds are going far far quicker than their voice can keep up with.

Whenever there is insecurity or apprehension about speaking our truth or even articulating in our own minds what that truth is… Lavender steps in and calms those insecurities and allows for us to have the courage to risk being seen and heard .

Oftentimes, we have been shut down, shushed, and told we are too much or our ideas and thoughts are too much or not enough, so we tend to shut down our expression of those thoughts and ideas. We tend to just go through the motions, making small talk along the way, but deep inside, we know we are holding back our truest expression of our innermost thoughts. This holding back creates a disconnect in our soul and eventually, we tend to lose ourselves and our authenticity of expression altogether.

Lavender encourages Emotional Honesty and doesn’t rest until it’s helped us to speak our innermost thoughts and desires. This expression brings freedom and liberation and it’s through this that we begin to fully experience what we need in this life through love, acceptance and peace.

So if your mind is constantly racing, or you feel fear around expressing your truest self, or even feel like maybe you are unseen, unheard, unloved in any way….LAvender will gently remind you that it’s safe to calmly breathe, express what you need, and embrace the feeling of being seen and loved just as you are.

If you’e like a deeper glimpse into the wonders of Lavender….

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