Clary Sage

Clary Sage

This wonderful oil comes to us from the mint family, and is a fresh, spicy, herbaceous scent, and even smells a little like hay. ?

It’s steam distilled from the flowering clary sage plant and carries with it some incredibly powerful hormonal benefits.

It’s gentle, but powerful properties bring balance and regulation to so many hormonal issues such as breasts, menstrual regulation, endometriosis, cramping, estrogen dominance, PMS, hot flashes, impotence, infertility, lactation, postpartum depression and the discomforts that come with menopause.

This is not just a women’s oil either…many of these similar hormonal imbalances can happen to men as well, and Clary Sage can bring the same relief to the masculine body as it does to the feminine body.

It is amazing for other issues with the circulatory system, cell regulation, insect bites, skin issues, coughs, and even bring support to the kidneys.

Aromatic use of Clary Sage is really powerful and it can be inhaled directly from the bottle, or a drop in cupped hands and inhaled that way. It can also be diffused on jewelry, in your hair, or in an actual diffuser.

Topical use would include applying diluted or undiluted to the wrists, the bottoms of feet, across abdomen, forehead (especially between the eyebrows) and behind ears.

Internally, it can be added to a capsule or added to tea or food for flavoring or therapeutically.

Historically, this oil was nicknamed “clear eyes” and was famous during the Middle Ages for it’s ability to clear up eye problems.

And we know that So in the body as in the soul…right?

So, Interestingly, it’s EMOTIONAL benefits tied directly to that as it is known as the oil of Clarity and Vision.

This beautiful, herbaceous oil assists us in changing our perceptions and how we see things, while giving us the courage to see the truth.

Clary sage has the unique ability to dispel the darkness and illusion that is creating our limiting beliefs and holding us back from our highest, most joyful life.

It invites us to remain open and to new ideas and fresh perspectives, and especially when we are facing an emotional crisis that truly calls for a new way of thinking.

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solver our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Clary sage helps us to open up our thinking, allowing for new creativity, and eliminating distractions and increasing our ability to see and imagine new possibilities.

For those of us who feel stuck in old ruts, old ways and old thinking…but desperately long to use our Divinely given gifts and clarity our Spiritual Vision….this is OUR OIL!

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Here’s a few more resources for you to enjoy and learn more about this powerful oil!

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