Natural Room Freshener

Want to freshen up a room quickly? You can make a super easy room spray that works great!

I have one of these near the kitty box and I always spritz a room before I teach yoga in the community. So easy and so effective!

The aromatic benefits of essential oils is extraordinary. As the essential oils enter the olfactory bulb, they immediately effect the limbic brain which is responsible for three very important things–emotions, memory and state of arousal. Just by freshening up your space you are also effectively working with mood and wellbeing.

My fave combos—

🌱lavender and lemon

🌱peppermint and orange

🌱clove and cypress

🌱lime and spearmint

Depending on size of bottle (2oz or 4oz) I typically add 15-20 drops each and top off with water! So easy!

I get my glass bottles here. Check out this free ebook to learn about the basics of essential oil use.

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