“The entry point for living consciously is mindfulness.” ~Oprah

Mindfulness really is defined as being aware of what you are doing while you are doing it.  This means doing the dishes, talking to another person, going for a walk, making love, petting your dog, grocery shopping, etc.  So many of us are one step ahead, or two or three, and we are not aware of the moment we are in because we are tied up in the future.

Take for example a recent conversation that may have included a disagreement of sorts.  How did it go? Was it drawn out and tense? Was it heated?

Imagine instead, slowing down, showing up, and actually listening to the other person.  In doing this it shows them you value and see them, regardless of whether you agree with them or not.  In doing this you are not only validating them, but you are practicing one of the most important and sacred spiritual practices and that is mindfulness. Being aware and being incredibly awake.

I have found that in my life when I am not present and not mindful, I am much more anxious and I feel way more stress than I do when I practicing mindfulness. I can catch myself hurried in my thoughts, my words and in my actions.  I am often rushed and attempting to multitask much like my overloaded computer with too many tabs open.

This week I am making it a priority to slow down, to notice, and to be present. I am going to strive to live each moment with the preciousness that it is. When I am on my yoga mat (or in my yoga chair) I am going to feel each sensation of each pose and I am going to pause to notice where my mind goes.  And I am gently going to call it back.

Mindfulness master Jon Kabat-Zinn says that mindfulness is the gateway into the full dimensionality of being human and being alive. I want to feel that aliveness, even when it is mundane or uncomfortable.  I want to feel each moment as if it were my last.

I know that it is a practice much like any other practice. I am committed to keep at it and I believe that it can make my life that much richer.







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