Staying Healthy (naturally)

Did you know that there are essential oils that kill bacteria and germs? What an awesome and natural way to clean and keep your family healthy. Remember, diffusing essential oils reduces air-born germs and can boost your immune system! So easy.

Here are just a few great choices—

?Melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil is probably the one of the most popular essential oils that kill bacteria and germs. It is one of the safest and most effective essential oils for treating unwanted skin bacteria without irritation. All you need do is place a drop or two on a band aid or bandage and it will go to work. It is also excellent for reducing signs of acne as well as other skin conditions such as dry and flaky skin.

?Lavender essential oil is another essential oil that is used to kill bacteria on scrapes and cuts to fight off germs. Lavender is excellent for children who have insect bites, and skin irritations since the aroma is soothing and calms them down.

?Eucalyptus essential oil, which has germicidal properties and is used to prevent bacteria and germ in cuts and scratches. It is also used in treating abrasions, sores, insect bites and stings. In addition, Eucalyptus is very effective in supporting respiratory problems.

?Lemon Essential Oil is yet another antibacterial essential oil that kills bacteria and germs. You may have used it for cleaning many times, but not in essential oil form. It is an excellent when used as a natural disinfectant cleaner around the home. No need to dilute if not applied to the skin.

?Clove essential oil isn’t just antibacterial it’s antifungal. Clove essential oil kills bacteria, germs and fungal pathogens in nails and things like foot fungus. Also used for cuts, insect bites and scabies. Clove essential oil can be quite strong and should always be diluted.

?Oregano essential oil is another essential oil that has antibacterial and antifungal properties and like Clove oil is strong and must be diluted. It fights off feeling unwell caused by bacteria in the colon and urinary tract as well as skin issues, nasal congestion and sores.

And the awesome thing? Most of these all come in a starter kit!

Learn more about the basics of essential oils here!

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