Deep Breathing

Wellness Wednesday!
Have you ever noticed how throughout the day our breathing tends to get faster and shorter?
Over the last fifteen years or so I have worked hard on re-learning how to breathe the way that our bodies are supposed to breathe—slow and full.
When we take short, quick breaths it is usually a sign our body is in distress, or fight or flight. The more we breathe like that, the higher our cortisol goes.
In fact, I read a recent research article that stated people who have poor posture and as a result smaller breaths (less lung capacity when you are hunched), have higher cortisol levels. People who have straight posture and as a result greater lung capacity, have lower cortisol.
So take a REALLY long breath in, and a REALLY long breath out. The exhale is most important.
Check out the benefits:
  • Deep breathing can improve your energy level.
  • Deep breathing slows your heart rate.
  • Deep breathing helps to clean out the lungs.
  • Deep breathing reduces anxiety.
Additionally, when you add essential oils to your space or your body you can help to increase respiratory function. I love eucalyptus, ravensara, melaleuca, lemon and peppermint.
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