Life Long Vitality

I started taking the Life Long Vitality pack about 6 months after starting to use dōTERRA oils. It’s crazy to know that these actually are dōTERRA’s number one selling product and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

This trio is your multi-vitamin with all the essential nutrients and minerals without all the unnecessary fillers in other brands. It also includes all the right omega’s paired with powerful essential oils! And it also includes the perfect blend to help with cellular energy, cellular production, brain function and so much more.

For me I sleep better, I am less anxious, I have tons of energy, I have great focus, and I have gotten just one cold since I’ve been taking these. 👌🏻 I even have my daughter taking these and she says she feels “brighter”—I definitely notice she is less grumpy.

What are you waiting for?? (Oh and I take just half the dose…it’s perfect for my body—so a pack lasts me two months!)

1) Go to

2) Click Join & Save

3) Fill in your personal information (If needed, my enroller/sponsor id is 1200119)

4) Choose a Starter Kit or select the Wholesale Membership Fee option

5) Add oils and products

6) Complete payment & process

7) Message me and I will get your welcome gift in the mail

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