True Yoga

I often hear from people that they can’t do or are not good at yoga because they are not able to touch their toes or some other physical reason (excuse).

I used to get frustrated when I heard these silly statements because our western world has decided that yoga is about contorting our bodies into pretty little postures.

In truth, yoga is about union and creating space. Union first with yourself—as you are in THIS moment, which is a beautiful and magnificent light that is absolutely NOT defined by your physical ability or limitations, especially as it relates to yoga. Yoga is to create space in your mind by slowing down your thoughts and noticing the space between thoughts. Space in your body by lengthening and feeling sensation of stretching. Space in your spirit to connect with the greatness that you are.

So, when someone says to me that they can’t do or are not good at yoga, I sweetly offer them a chance to hear about some of my yoga students who courageously say yes and who are not limited by their own silly thoughts.

To me, this picture is what yoga is all about.

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