Before and After

I was thinking today what my life was like before oils (B.O) and how much of an influence they have made in so many areas of my life.


I go to these precious little bottles before anything else to address sleep, mood, aches/soreness and everything in between. I’ve made amazing friends along the way who are like-minded and so full of soul. I’ve helped complete strangers find relief and offered new mommas natural and safe alternatives for their little ones. I’ve rubbed countless feet of people dying in hospice. I’ve gotten rid of toxic cleaners. I’ve open doors for financial prosperity and I’m helping others to do the same. I’ve learned and helped others to see that not all oils are equal and that the soul behind the company I have chosen to use is a global game changer with their co-impact sourcing which helps communities of people all over the world better their lives. I’ve seen firsthand the joy in someone’s eyes when they receive a drop of goodness.


I love my life after oils and will never go back to a life of chemicals and ingredients I can’t pronounce.


To say I am blessed is an understatement.


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