Holistic Approach to Emotions

If you struggling with keeping your emotions balanced, this is for you. Times are hard and I think we are all experiencing difficult and challenging emotions. I know for me, I have struggled recently with anger, grief and disappointment to name a few.

So many of life’s challenges can pile up and soon we are overwhelmed, losing sleep, batting extra pounds, or worse, getting sick. Tightening up your nutrition, getting plenty of sunshine and exercise and making sure you sleep well all contribute to overall well being. Our emotional well-being is key for a holistic approach to health. By infusing ourselves with positive people and experiences, we can take back some of the feelings that spiral out of control.  

Taking a holistic approach to our overall well-being, including our emotions, is key for navigating difficult feelings. I try to practice many of these tips on a daily basis. 

Some great ideas for managing your emotions include:

—spending time in nature

—surrounding yourself with positive people

—drinking plenty of water

—laughing often

—practicing yoga and meditation


—finding hobbies

Thera are also some great essential oils to support your emotions. Did you know that our emotions can be influenced simply by smelling something? The powerful aromatic compounds of PURE essential oils can immediately shift our emotional state.   My personal favorite is a blend called forgive—it’s so earthy and wonderful. It is like taking a walk into the forest. I feel grounded, steady and safe.

I have a gorgeous free ebook that is packed with more info one how essential oils can be added to your daily holistic routine.  Enjoy! 



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