Essential Yoga–Renewal

“There is a cleansing from winter darkness the moment we sink our fingers into spring’s fresh earth.” — Toni Sorenson

In this yoga practice and the essential oils we will be using are designed to help the body-mind-spirit to let go of toxins and toxic or negative thoughts, stress and tension, and to open up to receive oils that help us clear out or detoxify our being. As we let go, we will apply oils to replenish us physically and emotionally so we can end renewed, with a softer, cleaner and clearer sense of ourselves and our world.

If you need essential oils samples to work with this class, please reach out to me here.

Essential Oils


PHYSICAL (BASIL): Supports the respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and the muscles and bones.Helps us focus while studying or learning or reading.Cooling on the skin and effective in any massage blend for occasional sore muscles and joints.May help support the adrenal system when there hasbeen excessive fatigue or stress over a prolonged period..

EMOTIONAL: The Oil of the Renewal. Relaxes the mind and strengthens the heart.Good choice for those feeling overwhelmed, fatigued or with low energy. Helps rejuvenate or renewvitality after long periods of burnout and exhaustion—rebalancing us to achieve greater health and strength.Used in today’s workshop begin detoxifying our minds and organs and open up and release any blocks holding us back.


PHYSICAL: Detoxifies and cleanses the body to supports a healthy lymphatic system. Taken internally throughout the day with 1-2 drops in water, supports a healthy metabolism and assiststhose trying to diet or lose weight.Uplifting aroma helps lift our mood and let go of anxious feelings.Powerful cleansing oil to use when trying to get the body to let go of “issues” stored in the tissues—from skin to internal to emotional.

EMOTIONAL: The Oil of Honoring the Body. Encourages self love and respect of our body’s true needs. Releasesdeep-seated tension, frustration, irritability and moodiness. Helps control stress-eating driven by anger and self-cricism.Encourages us to tune into whatour body honestly wants and let go of toxic thinking resulting in body abuse, strict regimens, eating disorders and other forms of addiction.Used in today’s workshop as a powerful internal detoxifier, urging us to let it go, let it go…on all levels from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual.


PHYSICAL: Supports a healthy respiratory function to take in a deep breath.Known as the Herb or Oil of “Remembrance”Helps us let go of mental fatigueso we can improve our recall and memory.Uplifting and exhilarating to awaken our minds to the spring season –especially if feeling a bit “foggy.”Energizes the heart and encourages blood flow in the body and to the brain.Helps us to open our conscious mind to take in our practice today.

EMOTIONAL: The Oil of Knowledge and Transition. Promotes deep thought to excavateourtrue knowledge to discover our own answers.Supportsa healthy ego –one that values itself and its purpose in this world.Helps us know we CAN learn new information and experiences and that although we may not see it yet –there is a grand plan for us, our destiny!Boosts our confidence and morale to have faith in our own potential. Used in today’s workshop to help us awaken on both a superficial and deeper level, to our true potential.


PHYSICAL: Historically significant oil with many uses.Supports a healthy immune response and nervous system in the body.Powerful cleansing properties for the mouth and throat (included in OnGuard toothpaste too!)Soothes skin, promoting a youthful complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Promotes emotional balance and well being when tensionis high or to bring peaceful feelings to your home or area.

EMOTIONAL: TheOil of Mother Earth. Nurtures any unsettled aspects of the relationship with your maternal mother (Mother’s Day this month!) and with the Earth. Renews a healthy attachment based on trust and safety vs fear or old wounds. Provides this support in a calming, relaxed and supportive way.Used in today’s workshop to help you anchor and support all that is shifting around and in you, as well as anything that you are releasing.


PHYSICAL: Oils of: Tangerine, Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Geranium and CilantroPurifying and detoxifying blend for all the body’s systems including circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and more. Supports healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the primary organs of detoxification in the body: liver, kidneys, colon, gallbladder, lungs, skin. Individual oils each have their own properties, but are purposely selected in this blend to accelerate the body’s natural cleansing ability.Provides powerful antioxidants.

EMOTIONAL: These oils cover emotions relating to: Knowledge and Transition, Releasing control, “Night” or hidden emotion, Cheer & Creativity, and Love & TrustCombined…these oils move into our deepest emotional roots, help us welcome the transition to open up and let go of whatever no longer serves us, replacing this with love and trust!Used in today’s workshop to excavate and let go at the deepest levels. Clearing out, cleaning out and preparing for the new.


PHYSICAL–Powerful and rare oil that is very diverse in its use on/in/around the body. The “one” oil you want if you can only have one!Known historically as aholy oil used for anointing and sacred ceremonies when spiritual awareness is desired.Highly researched for its ability to helps build and maintain a healthy immune system and function.Known to support the rejuvenation of skin and other epithelial tissue. 

EMOTIONAL— The Oil of Truth. Connects us to our spiritual selves creating a healthy attachment to our actual father or the father figure in our lives.Reminds us we are loved and protected with a gentle, loving Divine spirit (God). Helps release us to break free from our past, making it an ideal oil to use for those seeking spiritual renewaland evolution through meditation and prayer.Encourages tranquility, insight, spiritual self-discipline and compassion for others.Used in today’s workshop to provide reassurance and a calming conclusion to our practice. Helps us realize that releasing what we no longer need has made space for something beautiful to arrive in lives.

Enjoy this beautiful practice. To purchase the oils to fully enjoy this practice, just pop over here. These essential oils have a multitude of uses, so once you get them we can connect to learn how to use them in everyday ways. Mentoring is just one of the amazing things you’ll get from me!

The Top Ten Essential Oils

The Immune System and the Lymphatic System work synergistically to protect the body from harmful pathogens and disease. 

What are these systems?

These systems include many aspects to our body; white blood cells, bone marrow, the spleen, tonsils, adenoids, appendix, thymus, lymph, and lymph nodes. When our immune system is working properly, it is able to identify a threat and engage in a series of responses designed to eliminate the pathogen from entering targeted cells and tissues.

Lifestyle choices can either strengthen or weaken the immune response.

Nutrition is an important factor in having a healthy immune system because cells need vital nutrients to safeguard the body. 

Did you know  your essential oils have a chemical footprint similar to the human body, therefore, they have the unique ability to help the immune system bring itself to balance? Essential oils are fat-soluble (lipophilic) so they are able to penetrate the cell membrane and back up your immune system when you are feeling a bit run down.

There are so many uses for just these ten essential oils! And the great news is these come in two of my favorite starter bundles. Plus, when you get started with me, I hook you up with some awesome education and mentoring so that you know exactly how to use them, a free wellness coaching session, and a welcome package to get your started! You will also be part of a great community of people striving for wholeness.

Essential Yoga–Alignment

With the right alignment, everything you want makes it way into your experience. You are the keeper of your own gate – Esther Hicks

In this workshop, we use essential oils and yoga poses specifically designed to create holistic alignment. Moving more slowly through our practice and holding specific postures will help us notice the subtle shifts in our body, mind and spirit that the oils assist in creating, as we realign and balance ourselves to the core of our being.

Essential Oils


PHYSICAL: Energizing aroma used to bring energy and vitality to the spirit. Promotes clear breathing. Eases muscle tightness and tension–excellent to apply following physical exertion. Supports healthy movement of fluids of our lymphatic and circulatory systems. Used topically on the skin to smooth the appearance of legs and hips.

EMOTIONAL: Oil of Motion & Flow. Creates energetic flow where there has been stagnation. Helps those mentally or emotionally stuck, stiff, rigid, tense, over-striving or perfectionist tendencies. Perfect for our practice today–helps us diffuse the need to force or try to control what is around us, recognizing that this need stems from fear. Allows us to have perfect trust in the flow of life –to cast aside our worries and let go! Used in today’s workshop to help us let go of those things pulling us in undesired directions so we can begin to return to balance.


PHYSICAL: Comes from the rind of the fruit. One of the oils in the Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend to help manage appetite and weight gain. Supports the healthy movement of fluids in the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems —-similar to Cypress oil we are diffusing. A wonderful cleanser –perfect for supporting a healthy and effective digestive and metabolic systems. Uplifting and balancing aroma–so as we take a sip, we breathe in its calming scent.

EMOTIONAL: Oil of Honoring the Body. Encourages us to direct love and respect toward our body & listen to our body’s needs. Releases deep-seated tension, frustration, irritability and moodiness. Helps control emotional, stress-eating that often results from inner anger. Lightens our spirit and helps us recognize our BEAUTY –you are perfect as you are! Used in today’s workshop to help us cleanse thoughts & feelings to prepare our mind and heart to recognize that we are beautiful, we are strong and we are doing exactly what we are here to do in this lifetime.


PHYSICAL: Powerful and rare oil that is very diverse in its use on/in/around the body. The “one” oil you want if you can only have one! Known historically as a holy oil used for anointing and sacred ceremonies when spiritual awareness is desired. Distilled from frankincense tree resin harvested from a small region in the Middle East & Northern Africa. Highly researched for its ability to helps build and maintain a healthy immune system and function. Known to support the rejuvenation of skin and other epithelial tissue.

EMOTIONAL: The Oil of Truth. Connects us to our spiritual selves creating a healthy attachment to our actual father or the father figure in our lives. Reminds us we are loved and protected with a gentle, loving Divine spirit (God). Helps release us to break free from our past, making it an ideal oil to use for those seeking spiritual awakening and evolution through meditation and prayer. Used in today’s workshop to bring our spirit into alignment with our mind and heart.


PHYSICAL: Comes from a common herb found in kitchens around the world. Also known as “wintersweet” or “joy of the mountains”. Very effective for its calming properties –applied topically to soothe tired, stressed muscles. As we calm tissue in the body, the body can direct each of its parts to relax and open. Particularly beneficial for respiratory and nervous system health and support. Aroma invokes peace, calm and restful sleep.

EMOTIONAL: The Oil of Connection. Encourages us to have trust vs fear and therefore creating close relationships. Good for those who tend to be aloof and uncommitted with others, thereby sabotaging hopes of long-term relationships. Assists individuals to soften their heart and warm to new relationships –knowing it is safe to connect and share love with others. Used in today’s workshop to help us open and realign our entire body-mind-spirit in practice…relaxing so we can open to others.


PHYSICAL: This blend includes Wintergreen/Camphor/Peppermint/Blue Tansy/BlueChamomile/Helichrysum/Osmanthus essential oils. These oils combine to support a healthy inflammatory response in the body. Soothes sore muscles and joints and supports healthy circulation. Wonderful tool for home use for adults of all ages, and professional body workers to rub onto achy muscles and joints.

EMOTIONAL: Oil of Surrendering Pain. Generally used for physical pain, but can also help us if we resist addressing the emotions that underlie our pain. Gives us strength to observe our pain but stay calm, cool & collected to face it. Transformation is possible when we excavate what lies beneath our outward expression. Allows us to see pain as a teacher as we let go of resistance….it dissipates. Used in today’s to help us begin pulling out what lies beneath any misalignment in our lives so that we can make conscious change where needed, when we are ready.


PHYSICAL–Blend of Spruce, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, HoWood and Blue Chamomile. Designed to help us ground our emotional and physical body –to keep us centered or balanced about whatever challenges cross our life’s path. Soothes and relaxes sore muscles and joints. Assists the nervous system to remain healthy and balanced. Harmonizing blend –connecting body, mind and spirit together and calming anxious feelings. Frankincense in the blend is known to support cellular health and overall well being.

EMOTIONAL— The Oil of Grounding. Calming tree and flower oils that brings tranquility to our spirit. Helps us reconnect or settle into our “roots”–very important to help those who spend a lot of time thinking, speaking or in spiritual activity. Good for those who tend to avoid long-term commitments to root down like a tree rather than finding themselves drifting on to the next thing, with the wind. Applying it helps us stay present in the moment to achieve our longer term goals –as a tree grows slowly over time.

To purchase the essential oils needed for this class, just click here. The oils can be used in so many versatile ways and included in your investment is a personalized virtual wellness coaching session with me to learn how to use them in your daily life, not just on the mat. To take a peek at the may ways you can incorporate essential oils into your life, check out this gorgeous and free ebook on the basics.

The Gentle Yoga Practice to accompany these essential oils can be found here. Enjoy!

Essential Yoga–Gratitude

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. – Melodie Beattie

This workshop features oils and blends used to open the heart to return to love and appreciation. The selection includes oils designed to inspire us to dig in and see where our heart is making sure our priorities are aligned with our true purpose.

If you need essential oils samples to work with this class, please reach out to me.

Yoga Practice

Gather your essential oils and your yoga mat. Enjoy!

Thank you for your donation. As I continue to shift my teaching practice to an online format, I am so grateful for those of you who have generously paid for your participation. You can Venmo or PayPal me.

Be Ready To Practice

For this online workshop you will need:

  • Quiet space to practice
  • A yoga mat or towel
  • Water in a glass or stainless bottle
  • Soft, comforting meditation type music (optional)
  • Essential Oils
  • Bare (feet)
  • Empty (belly)
  • Open (heart)

Essential Oils


PHYSICAL: Supports a healthy respiratory functionto take in a deep breath. Diffusing helps us to fight off mental fatigue, sluggishness and “brain fog.” The exhilarating scent helps with concentration, recall and memory when diffused. ”Can be taken internally to support healthy internal organ function. Helps us to open our conscious mind to take in our practice today.

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of Knowledge and Transition” Helps us look deeper within for true knowledge –knowing we have the ability to discover our own answers to life’s obstacles. Supports a healthy ego –one that values itself and its purpose in this world.Encourages us to know we CAN learn new information and absorb new experiences. Boosts our confidence and morale to have faith in our own potential.Used in today’s workshop to open our hearts & minds to new experiences..


PHYSICAL: Uplifting, bright aroma to inhale or diffuse. Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces. Taken internally –it cleanses the body and aids in digestion, AND can assist with seasonal respiratory discomfort.Lemon supports a healthy respiratory function overall.

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of Focus.” Used to calm and focus our consciousness, allowing us to stay present on the mat. Helps us take on one task, or one thing at a time. Lightens our mental load and restores energy and gratitude to the spirit. Clears self-judgment about what you will learn today –restores confidence and self-love! Used in today’s workshop to help us release obstacles and open to something better

BREATHE – Respiratory Blend

PHYSICAL: Laurel Leaf/Peppermint/Eucalyptus/Melaleuca/Lemon/Ravensara. These oils were chosen to support a healthy respiratory system, and maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. This is another great combination of oils to help minimize the effects of seasonal threats and respiratory discomfort. Great to inhale from hands or place directly on the chest when environmental threats are high and seasonal changes are creating challenges to breathe deeply. Diffuse at night helps provide a calming effect for a restful night’s sleep –particularly if loud noises lying in bed next to you are keeping you awake. *be cautious diffusing around dogs

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of Breath.“ To deepen our life experience, this blend allows us to take in more of what life offers. Releases grief and fear –making way to receive love, for safety and genuine healing. Helps us feel supported and safe to open up and take in life to the fullest! Used in today’s workshop to help us be grateful we can LET GO (breathe out) and RECEIVE (breathe in) what life can bring!


(Aromatically beautiful combination with LEMON. Pre-blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil as ginger can be a “hot” oil on the skin.)

PHYSICAL: Ginger is a spice oil historically used to support a healthy digestive system.May help reduce bloating, gas and occasional indigestion or nausea.Makes a wonderful, natural tool to diffuse or apply for those who struggle with the motion of a car, boa or plane. Delivers powerful anti-oxidant protection to help with seasonal threats.

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of Empowerment.” Stimulating, powerful oil that encourages us to wake up and be truly present in our lives. Tosses aside the feeling that we are powerless or a victim of circumstances. Empowers us to take responsibility and new ACTION in our lives. To stop blaming others or situations—and helps us take the initiative to do things differently! Creates a warrior-like mentality…that we can choose our own destiny. (LEMON was outlined earlier) Ginger and lemon are used together in today’s workshop to strengthen us and give us the confidence to address obstacles we’ve allowed to hold us back.


PHYSICAL–Powerful cleanser and purifying agent. Protects against seasonal and environmental threats –as it is high in antioxidants. Uplifting to the mind and body when used aromatically, helping create a positive attitude. Provides relief from stress and tension and what can often accompany those feelings such as occasional digestive discomfort or head tension.

EMOTIONAL– “Oil of Abundance.” Helps encourage creative thinking with the realization that there is enough of everything we need in this life. Allows us to recognize that fear or lack is what can hold us back from the abundance that awaits us! No need to fear or feel scarcity –focus on JOY, fun, spontaneity and play in life. If we let go and trust –the universe will provide! Used in today’s workshop to provide a creative perspective, and to bring us joy and gratitude for our journey. 


PHYSICAL: Historically used to enhance meditation and deepen spiritual connection. Sedating, harmonizing and calming oil that is both grounding and uplifting to the spirit. Promotes healthy-looking, smooth skin –reducing the appearance of skin imperfections. Assists with maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. May provide relief from occasional low back pain concerns –particularly if there has been an overload to the nervous system.

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of Sacred Devotion” Teaches us to have gratitude, reverence and devotion for Spirit in our lives. A great antidote for our materialistic culture which often leaves us feeling empty and frazzled. Helps individuals realign their priorities away from material goods and attachment to fame, wealth and the need for acceptance so that we can redirect our focus toward devotion and love of the Divine. Used to end our workshop with a sense of peace, wonder and grace for what our life lessons and interactions offer us on life’s journey

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