Oil Pulling Tablets

I have been oil pulling for years but recently have gotten lazy about it. I decided to buy a candy mold and make up a months worth of the perfect size for pulling.

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an alternative medical practice in which an edible oil is swished around the mouth. It is swished around for period of time and then spat out, similar to mouthwash. Practitioners of oil pulling claim it is capable of improving oral and whole-body health. These benefits include many conditions; headaches, migraines, diabetes mellitus, asthma, and acne, as well as whitening teeth. Its promoters claim it works by pulling out toxins, which are known as ama in Ayurveda.

I mix up a batch and store in a jar in my fridge. Half of them have on guard for an added immunity and the other half is lemon/peppermint.

How To Make Oil Pulling Tablets:

  • Melt one cup coconut oil
  • Add essential oils (10-15 drops total)
  • Pour into candy mold
  • Store in jar in fridge
  • Pop on in daily and swish 3-5 minutes
  • Spit into trash (not sink)

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Insect Bite Relief

Oh my goodness bugs love to bite me. And my poor lil granddaughter is the same.

This is so easy and takes the itch right out.

Insect Bite Relief Rollerblend Recipe:

10ml roller
10 drops lavender
10 drops purify
5 drops peppermint

Top it off with fractionated coconut oil and apply to the itchy bites as often as needed.

For kids, cut the amount of essential oils in half!

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Losing a battle or losing everything we possessed will bring us moments of sadness. But when those moments pass, we will discover the hidden strength that exists in each of us, a strength that will surprise us and increase our self-respect. —Paulo Coelho

Determination is defined as the ability to continue trying to do something.

Do you have what it takes to push through even the hardest and most unlikely circumstances to succeed? Do you have the will to make things happen despite being faced with struggle? Do you give up because it is challenging?

What if the things that you think limit you could instead inspire you?

It took allowing myself to feel like I lost it all to find my inner determination and strength. And just like this little sunflower, I found my way through the tiniest cracks of hope.

Natural Fabric Freshener

There is nothing better than fresh sheets on the bed. Did you know that fabric softener sheets is one of the most toxic things in your home??

Switching to a natural fabric softener is easy and so much more cost effective. Your clothes and bed sheets will smell amazing and be less staticky and no toxins!

Recipe for natural fabric softener:

  • 1 tsp Witch Hazel or Vodka
  • Water
  • 30 drops Lavender (or essential oil of choice)


Add witch hazel, water, and essential oil into a 2 oz spray bottle and spray linens! You can also use wool dryer balls and either spray the balls, or add essential oils straight from the bottles onto the dryer balls! This helps reduce static clean AND makes your sheets (or clothes) smell amazing and no awful toxins!

Bonus: the lavender will help you relax and drift off to dreamland.

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DIY Dish Soap

Did you know that liquid dish soap is another one with a high score on the Think Dirty app. We all use it though, so it might be nice to just make our own!

Recipe for DIY dish soap

2 cups unscented castile soap
20 drops Lime oil
8 drops Lemon oil
6 drops Citrus Bliss

Directions to make DIY dish soap:

Fill a large, clean bottle with castile soap and essential oils
To use, shake and add 1-2 tbsp to dishwater or a small amount to a natural sponge

So simple, yet again, MASSIVE impact!

Once you start to swap out these super expensive grocery store products with an easy DIY one, you will be shocked at why it took you so long to jump on board!

Not a DIY-er??? Whip out that On Guard concentrate cleaner! It has instructions right on the bottle for how to use it as dish soap!???

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After Sun Spray

I just spent five glorious days in Florida and spent four of them at the beach! Being a natural redhead offers me a challenge when it comes to my skin and the sun. I am a rare redhead that actually tans–if I use sunscreen and take it slow. I try to take breaks in the shade and not spend hours in the sun on the first day.

I am so thankful to have this simple and affordable DIY spray to sooth the skin. This is safe for kids and adults and the oils in this combo are also great for sleep, anxious feelings, cleaning, aches and pains, and MUCH more. Seriously.

Depending on the size of the glass bottle, you add:

  • lavender—soothing to the skin
  • melaleuca—keeps skin germ free
  • peppermint—provides a natural cool
  • Top off with water

Spray as needed following time in the sun! You can grab all three of these oils HERE and find my favorite glass bottles in my amazon shop!

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Be Here Now

Earlier this week I was sitting in the drive up waiting for my coffee and I got to thinking about how much time I spend thinking about the future. Where we are going next, what task is next, what bite of food is next, what class to teach is next, what thing to do is next, what worry is next, what dreadful event is next, what is next?!


What if instead I just sat with the sun blinding me, enjoying the song on my radio (Bruce of course), and allowed myself to BE.

I am all for planning and strategizing but sinking in to the moment was awesome.

Lesson of the day? Don’t rush the moment to get to the next thing. Enjoy this thing!

Choosing a Crystal

I remember about 18 years ago I stumbled into a gemstone store and was drawn to have my first of many little goodies. I chose a carnelian—a gemstone that I still love and now have many of them.

People tell me when they come into my house, it feels so peaceful. I believe having crystals and gemstones around have so much to do with that. They have become powerful tools in my life. I have them lining my windows, on my body, in my car, used during meditation and I add them to essential oil blends. When I choose one to work with, I set the intention of what I am needing or wanting to achieve (a state or peace, cleansing, energy etc). And I let it do the work.

Buying Crystals

When choosing a crystal either go to a local metaphysical shop or browse a crystal website online. Scan the shop (or the page) and see what catches your eye. What crystal stands out to you? Which one are you drawn to? Then, read the meaning and properties of that crystal. Nine times out of 10 you will find that the meaning of that crystal correlates to your life in some way, shape, or form. And at this time, that is the crystal for you!

The reason that crystals are so effective in energy work, is the same reason that cleansing them is essential—crystals pick up energy. Cleansing your crystals resets their energy, so that every time you work with them, you are starting from an energetically clean slate. If you never clean your crystals, they will continue to store energy they’ve picked up from their environment or people they’ve come into contact with. Think of it like this: A towel can wipe a mess clean, but if you never wash the towel, it will begin to add to the mess. Crystals are similar.

There are a few different ways that you can set about purifying the energy of your crystals:

Moonlight: Let your crystals bathe outside in light of full moon (or sun) for at least 4 hours.

Pair Your Crystal With Selenite or Quartz: Act as a crystal matchmaker and pair your crystal with either a selenite or quartz crystal! Both of these crystals have the ability to charge and purify other crystals, without ever losing any of their own energy. Lay your crystal on a piece of quartz or selenite for six hours

Smoke: Not only will burning sage and palo santo clear the energy of your space, they’ll also have your crystals feeling great. Immerse your crystal with the sacred smoke until you feel its energy and vibrancy return.

Return to Nature: We could all use the energetic reset that comes with a return to nature. To give your crystal that revitalizing pleasure, place it on the Earth or in the branches/soil of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.

Which one are you most drawn to?

DIY Dry Shampoo

I love how my hair looks and feels about two days after a washing but by day three it is starting to show some signs of needing some help and this natural DIY is my favorite. No nasty chemicals and smells like traditional dry shampoo in this one! Super easy and affordable!

For light hair:

For dark hair:

For red hair:

Combine ingredients in a glass jar.

To use, apply powder with old make-up brush to roots and oily parts of hair.

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Over the years I have learned the value of self care. While raising three humans I developed some really unhealthy habits.

I made a decision about 18 years ago to start taking care of me. Not only did I shed 100 pounds, I got rid of a ton of negative self talk and old beliefs.

It all started with a gratitude practice, daily walks and feeding myself more mindfully. I didn’t begin yoga or even any sort of group exercise for several years. I had so much internal dialogue work to repair before I had the courage to walk into a gym!

My self care practice now looks much the same with some added things—a daily bubble bath (or two), time to read and connect with something meaningful, using my oils mindfully, enjoying collecting gems and working a jigsaw puzzle.

These are just a few of the ways I take care of my mind, body and spirit. I can say my authentic self has indeed gotten stronger!

Tell me your self care! I’d love to know!