Immune Support

The world can be a germy place. Even though our immune systems are designed in a magnificent way to take care of itself when we are exposed to everyday germs, sometimes we can give our bodies a little boost.

Immune Boosts

There are some great ways to get a natural immune boost; getting daily sunshine, eating whole fresh foods, drinking plenty of water, having a heart that is filled with love, and a mindfulness practice can keep our physical bodies healthy. These simple tools are available to most of us in this modern world. Even making the slightest changes to your habits to include one or more healthy habits can bring about a healthy immune response to life’s stuff.

In addition to sunshine, healthy foods and plenty of water I also rely on plants to help support my immune system.

A favorite delivery of plants is in the form of essential oils. Of course herbs, tinctures and other can naturally support your health, but essential oils are so easy. I can toss a blend into my work bag or keep in my pocket and apply all day long.

I have a daily immune boost blend that I apply to my lymph nodes each morning while my coffee brews. If I am feeling a little under the weather, I will bring this one with me and apply throughout the day, but typically it is one I apply as daily maintenance.

For adults, in a 10ml roller I add:

  • 10 drops On Guard
  • 10 drops Frankincense
  • 10 drops Lemon

Top it off with a carrier oil and voila! For kids ages 5-12, I would cut the essential oils in half and under age 5 I would do 3 drops each and apply to the spine and bottoms of feet daily!

You can grab these three oils at wholesale, plus my favorite carrier and some bottles and make your own blend! Actually these three 15ml bottles will make about TWENTY FIVE rollers. That is enough for you, your family and and friends for MONTHS of immune support. A typical roller used 1-2 times a day will last a couple of months.

This is great for helping the body do its natural job to prevent illness and support us staying healthy all season.

In over 7 years I can say confidently that I have had maybe one cold the whole time because I am consistent with this blend. This is pretty amazing since I work around a lot of people in long term care centers and indoor buildings.

If you would love to learn how easy it is to get these powerful oils into your hands, just download this free ebook as a gift from me! It explains the versatility of the plants and how to use them and how to get them! When you take the leap into investing in your health in a natural way, I send you an amazing gift and give you VIP access to my education and mentoring. You’ll never not know how to use what you invest in!

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