September Inspiration

Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.

The Harvest

Hello there!

I hope that you are doing well and are finding ways to bring joy into your everyday life. This time of year is always a favorite as temperatures (hopefully) cool down a bit and we can soak in the bounty of goodness. For me, the garden is always evidence of the great things that have been happening.

This is also my favorite month to teach yoga. Every year that I share the theme for this month, I am amazed at what I learn from others. Keep reading to learn more about what foundationmeans to me and how I apply this concept in my life.

A huge aspect to learning about what your unique foundation is includes learning about the principles in which we live, or the values that we hold dear, and how they sustain us during challenging times. I look forward to sharing more about this throughout the month, and be sure to to learn what my ten principles are for living a wholesome life full of solid values. When we can identify our principles we can more easily handle whatever life throws our way, much the way a home’s foundation keeps the walls and windows in tact.

As we come into September it is a good time to remember that The Autumn Equinox is a time of letting go and also harvesting the good that is abundant in our lives and allowing the stalks and leaves to fall aside and go back to the Earth. With this beautiful and colorful season emerging it is our time to loosen our grip on the focus of growth and prepare to move into a more dormant season. This is also a great time to look at the cycles of life; seasons, months, breath, and even life.

The paradox of understanding cycles exists everywhere and yet the simplest observation is the breath; to inhale you must also exhale. We know that with each ending there is a beginning, in whatever shape that takes—self awareness, growth, wisdom, letting go, etc. We see this so easily in the changing of leaves–the amazing color that emerges following a season of bounty, and then the ease in which the leaf lets go. Watch as leaves effortlessly fall to the ground to be taken into the loving arms of Mother Earth for the new growth that waits for the next season.

I encourage you to go outside. Take a breath. Take time to look at letting go of what no longer serves you. Thank it for its time in your life as the teacher it is and then release it.

Finally, welcome the harvest that is within and always look for opportunities to be grateful. I know for myself, the practice of gratitude has lead me into a life of awareness that has enhanced my life everyday. Let the practice of acknowledging gratitude for all that you have become your foundation as you move into this next season.

Life is really good, friends.




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Foundation Blend

This months carefully curated blend is all about the Earth. This is such a great blend for staying calm and grounded. Really, one of my favorites.

This earthy forest blend will take into the depths of stillness so that you can ask yourself some of those important and soul revealing questions. If you are curious to learn more about this, check out this blog post.…and in the meantime, grab one of these woodsy smells and get connected.

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Did you know you can use essential oils to add flavor and health benefits to your recipes?? Fall is such a great season for warm, inviting and soul-feeding foods. Check out some of my favorites below.

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I love the smell of fall and these diffuser blends will not just smell great, but your family will benefit from the healthy supports essential oils add when used aromatically.

Life Lessons from an Autumn Leaf

We know change is coming, so we embrace its beauty for all the world to see. It’s exciting when my friends and I all begin to turn colors. I can imagine its much like when humans get their hair done or change their style of clothing. You just feel brand new, hot, beautiful–a sight to be seen, for sure. When most of us receive our new colors, and a few begin to fall, the humans come out by the droves. I’ve watched so many walking hand-in-hand. I’ve heard many intimate conversations and often witness family portraits. Children ooh and ah about the wonder of our change, and the whole world seems to take a second glance to admire our new look.

However, as the cold winds begin to blow, we know we must hold on tight to our branches until it’s our time to fall. It’s interesting because none of us want to drop. We just want to stay in our spot, high above the ground and admire the magnificent atmosphere fall brings.

1. Radiate Beauty. Autumn brings an abundance of fall colors and textures. The reds, oranges, yellows, golds and rust tones of autumn delight the senses in landscapes and rich sunsets, inspiring poets and visual artists. Take the time to radiate your own beauty and creativity to the world.

2. Connect with Your Shadow. After the long, bright sunlit days of summer, autumn brings earlier sunsets and longer shadows. It’s an ideal time for thoughtful introspection and shining the light of awareness on our own shadow parts.

3. Let Go. Trees willingly and naturally shed their leaves after putting on a radiant fall show of colors. Is there anything in your life that’s ready to be released? Enjoy the brilliance of all that has ripened and come to fruition, but be willing to let go; it will pave the way for new beginnings.

4. Save for Lean Times. Even as birds and woodland creatures are enjoying the abundance of fall, they are also storing away portions of their autumn harvest and preparing for leaner times. Enjoy the blessings of the season, but remember to plan for the future.

5. Find Balance. In a world of duality, balance is key. The autumn equinox signals equal amounts of night and day, serving as a reminder to find balance in our own lives.

Autumn is a study in contrasts, and the result is a rich, multi-sensory experience. Apply these five lessons from autumn in your own life, and drink in the bounty of this inspiring time of year.

About Stacie

Stacie believes that it is her life purpose to share the gift of Yoga with anyone who is willing to say yes. In addition to raising a family and being an advocate for those with disabilities, Stacie is founder of Embracing Spirit Yoga which specializes in bringing adaptive Yoga into community centers and rehabilitation clinics. Bringing her depth of compassion to the mat–or the chair–she offers students the opportunity to grow as an individual in all aspects of their life.

With over sixteen years experience, Stacie Wyatt is an E-500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Certified Trauma Informed Coach, Life Wellness Coach, Senior YogaFit Instructor, Mind/Body Personal trainer, Stress Reduction and Meditation Instructor, Pilates Instructor, and Barre Instructor. Stacie is also certified in Integrative Movement Therapy™and is also a believer in the power and application of essential oils for health and wellness and proudly shares doTERRA essential oils.

Stacie brings her personal life experience of raising a daughter with a disability and over 12 years working in special education to her everyday Yoga classes.

In addition to teaching classes at a variety of local centers and health clubs, Stacie also continues to offer Yoga and Wellness coaching individually to those seeking private sessions.

August is Abundance

According to the Cambridge dictionary, abundance is defined as an amount that is more than enough.

Have any of you noticed how much nature reminds us of that same bounty that is available? The constantly changing and growing plants tell me that the same extraordinary potential exists within me. I see how the animals gather and forage what they need and this reminds me that everything I need is right here. I am grateful for the rain and the amazing colors that surround me. My garden is a perfect example to me of “more than enough”– the green beans and cucumbers this year may just feed the neighborhood! Oh, and I made my first ever batch of chokecherry jelly and it is amazing.

For years I have focused on creating a more abundant life and the ways in which that has all happened marvels me on a daily basis. Some may think of abundance as simply financial bounty, but I have come to see it as so much more.

For me abundance shows up in the random acts of kindness I receive, the support I consistently have for my classes, my friendships, the magnitude of joy in my life, colors everywhere, laughter that fills a room, a belly full of food, and enough money for me to live happily and generously.

As we come into the long, and usually hot month of August, I encourage you to look for the bounty in your own life that exist all around you….Simple things like lemonade, lazy afternoons in the hammock, delicious ice cream, sunflowers, sweet watermelon, a basket of veggies, the feel of a breeze against our cheek, the laughter of children chasing the ice cream truck and much more.

When we recognize all that truly IS, we can shed the notion that there is not enough.

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