Soothing Foot Salve

I have been struggling (again) with foot pain. Seems I have some bursitis and arthritis in my toe joints and metatarsals ??

I continue to walk a zillions miles a day but by the end of the day it’s so swollen and so hot. This is a salve I make that really provides great relief. Would be great for any muscle or joint pain!

Here is how I did it—

One cup almond oil
2 heaping tablespoons beeswax
1 tablespoon shea butter
Melt in a glass jar

Add 10 drops each of the oils below and pour into glass or metal container.

Try it! Also check out this gorgeous free ebook that has some great tips for using essential oils. When you get started with me I will plug you into personalized mentoring and send you a great care package to get you going!