The Endocrine System

Did you know that there are ten (eleven when pregnant) glands that make up the Endocrine System?

Our endocrine system and hormones support our bodies from conception through old age.

From conception, the placenta acts as an endocrine organ and produces several important hormones through pregnancy.

Here are some more big hitters:

The Hypothalamus: This is the gland that drives the whole endocrine system by linking our endocrine system with our nervous system.

The Thyroid: This gland is crucial to healthy development and regulates your metabolism.

The Adrenals: This gland is actually made up of two glands: the cortex and medulla. These glands produce hormones in response to stress (cortisol) and regulate blood pressure, glucose metabolism, and the body’s salt and water balance.

The Pancreas – The pancreas is responsible for producing glucagon and insulin. These hormones help regulate sugar (glucose) in the blood.

The Gonads: Ovaries and Testes both produce steroids that affect growth and development and also regulate reproductive cycles and behaviors.

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Essential Oils & Hormones

This month, I’m diving into a topic that affects us all, and one I’m particularly acquainted with!

Hormones!! ??????? I had a complete hysterectomy at age 30 and learned in an instant just how important hormones are. Not having ovaries has been a huge challenge. I finally found some things that work!

The journey hasn’t always been easy… and that’s why I’m excited to share a whole months worth of education, tips, practices and products that will help you in your own journey with YOUR hormones!!

Did you know that humans possess 50 hormones? 50!

From adrenal health and blood sugar to fertility and thyroid function, hormones are the root of, well, everything!

•Hormones control or regulate many biological processes and are often produced in very low amounts within the body. •Hormones regulate our blood sugar. Thanks, Insulin!
•Growth and energy production (Growth Hormone and Thyroid Hormone)
Differentiation, growth, and reproduction hormones (Testosterone and Estrogen)

The Endocrine System is made up of all the hormones in the body. This system supports brain and nervous system development, reproduction, metabolism, and blood sugar.

I plan to break down what hormones do for our bodies (male and female) through our life cycle, how to keep them balanced and supported, and living a non-toxic lifestyle to keep the hormone disruptors at bay.

Stay tuned and follow me for a deeper understanding of how hormones influence so much of our life!

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