Changing of Seasons

If we pay attention to the changing of seasons we notice that there are many subtle nuances. These often elusive distinctions are most noticed when we are living in the present moment.

The season I am in.

Like nature we too are constantly changing seasons. We have all experienced different junctions in life; college age, parenting, middle age, empty nest, retirement, etc. What about the little deeper subtle changes that within each season that occur?

As I am smack dab in my middle age season, I am humbled with the changes that are happening. I had planned to work really hard well into my 60’s. I had great intentions of hustling hard in my career for at least another fifteen years. But, my time in this season started to have physical challenges.

Life had other plans.

If you have been following me for long, you know I have had five hip surgeries on one hip over the last seven years. The last two attempts were within the previous three months. I have been writing about my insights and struggles as a way to distract myself. Perhaps it also gives help to others who are in the same boat.

The reality is my body is tired.

The Truth.

I had a rough week pain wise, but I am learning to leaning into what is. My pain is still very present and I have to tell myself often that it has only been two weeks since surgery. I reconcile it really has been three months since my first surgery and my endurance in the patience realm is fading fast.

At my follow up this week, my surgeon was very kind and also very real. He wants to keep a very close eye on me and watch how my body heals with a mindful watch of another hematoma. It was a hard thing to hear when told me that another 6 weeks minimum before I can really get back to my working life. I also realize what a blink that really is in the totality of my life.

The blood clots in my arm are still painful, and likely will be as they do what they do. I am seeing my hematologist soon to address all that. In the meantime I sport a snazzy sleeve and take blood thinners.

The Good.

The upside is I have been very blessed through this experience by people bringing me meals, financial support with groceries, lots of coffee deliveries, and generally TONS of love.

Those things will carry me.

I currently spend my days revamping my website, my Pinterest page and my YouTube channel. Taking short walks when I need a computer break is nice. I’ve been a guest on two podcasts recently and I bake a little on days when I feel up to it. I enjoy days in the sun when it peeks out.

What I have learned this week.

Much like nature, within our own lives there are seasons of blooms and growth, and seasons of dormancy and rest.

I am in that season of rest and dormancy but I trust that with proper respite and surrender, I will soon be blooming again.

Today, I am filled with hope for whatever comes with this season. Whatever it is, I am grateful and humbled.

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