Fruit and Veggie Wash

We tend to often be worried about washing our hands, but are you also making sure to wash your produce? If you don’t have a fruit and veggie wash, try this!

✔️Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to a large bowl of cold water
✔️Add 5 -8 drops of doTERRA LEMON essential oil
✔️Add produce and soak for 10-15 minutes
✔️Rinse and dry

It feels good knowing that my fruit is fresh and clean for my family.😃 And my kitchen always smells amazing afterwards! You can also make a spray bottle up with 20 drops, a splash of vinegar and fill the rest with water for quick cleanings like apples!

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Toxin Free Living

Have you ever thought about all the toxins you come into contact throughout a given day? And I don’t just mean physically. 😉

Over the last few years I have learned how to swap out natural things for the common and usually toxin filled things both in my household but also personal care. AND, I have created habits to get rid of emotional toxins, too.

Here is a sampling of what I have done:

🌼100% cleaning with oils and natural ingredients
🌼make my own body butter with shea & coconut oil
🌼a drop of lemon in my water everyday
🌼probiotics every day
🌼consume mostly organic foods
🌼twice yearly cleanse (more to come on that soon)
🌼wash my produce with lemon EO
🌼digestive enzymes
🌼diffusers in almost every room for clean air
🌼time in nature to re-fuel and connect
🌼wish angry drivers peace while driving
🌼limit screen time (what a toxic overload!)
🌼minimal TV, and never crime or drama
🌼practice discernment and have boundaries
🌼only headlines of news to stay informed
🌼give others the benefit of the doubt
🌼love as much as I can

Do you have toxins in your life? What can you do to eliminate them?


Toxins in the Home

Recent studies point to certain “cleaning” chemicals having a link to asthma and reproductive harm. Children, pregnant women, women trying to get pregnant, and those who already have asthma are especially vulnerable to these chemicals.
Also, certain chemicals may interfere with the development of a child’s neurological, endocrine and immune systems, a pediatric problem that can be detrimental to even their adult lives.
The overuse of disinfectant chemicals in our homes has contributed to the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Scientists agree that castille soap and water are effective for most routine cleaning jobs, and research has demonstrated that safer alternatives have disinfectant properties that may be used in place of harsh chemicals.
We know very little about the long-term health impacts of chronic exposure to chemicals in household cleaning products
Ammonia is often included in glass and other hard-surface cleaners and can be irritating to the skin, eyes, throat, and lungs. It can also burn skin, and damage eyes (including blindness) upon contact.
When ammonia enters the body as a result of breathing, swallowing or skin contact, it reacts with water to produce ammonium hydroxide. This chemical is very corrosive and damages cells in the body immediately.
Chlorine bleach is commonly used to treat drinking water, sanitize swimming pools, and to whiten laundry, yet is a known eye, skin, and respiratory irritant.
I clean exclusively with essential oils in my home. I know that I am not just breathing in safe products, but my skin is also not absorbing chemicals.
Be sure to check out some research at
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