The Practice of Refinement

Many of you have been asking me about my reason for making some changes to my in-studio class schedule that I announced earlier this month.

A few reasons have led me to make this temporary decision. I have some exciting new things that I am working on, including finalizing a teaching manual and adaptive yoga teacher training program that I have been muddling over for awhile. The manual was originally going to be a published book, and perhaps it someday will be, but it is the perfect required reading for someone wanting to learn how and why to work with people with disabilities—yoga or otherwise. I would love to see more people with brain injuries and other neurological conditions getting access to yoga but it requires a special person and a little bit of training. This is something incredibly dear to my heart.

Another reason I am stepping back a bit from the studio is because I have some health related things going on that I would like to give more of my attention to. Nothing horrific—it is actually kind of fascinating—evidently I inherited a gene from one of my parents that causes a condition called hemochromatosis—basically I am storing too much iron in my blood and the treatment will require my attention, time and a little bit of rest.

And finally, I committed this year to working on the practice of refinement. So in my vow to always live a life of alignment, I have chosen to close the doors for group classes until the world feels a little more healthy in the physical and emotional way. This feels right for me and my business.There may be an occasional work shop, meditation gathering, or special small event over the next few months, but for now I am focusing on private students, wellness coaching, my yoga training, my health, my family, and helping others live their best life.

Not bad, right? Pop over and see some of the cool services I offer virtually.