Natural Sleep Remedies

Sleep trouble?

I tend to fall asleep fairly fast but I wake easily and I wake early. I have found over the years it comes and goes with my hormone cycle (I don’t have ovaries but when it is time for my insertion of bio-identical hormones my lack of sleep usually my first indicator it’s time!). Also, sleep also is impacted by my busy mind and stress.

Without a good night’s sleep my body aches more, I’m more likely to over eat, I’m grumpy and I need more caffeine than I should.

My favorite tips and tricks for a good sleep are:

💤 limit caffeine after 2pm

💤 limit myself to 2 glasses of wine

💤not too heavy of a dinner

💤a long bath

💤evening walks are a must

💤getting 12-15k steps per day

💤reading something light and fun before bed

💤limit crime TV or adrenaline rushing shows

💤vetiver, clary sage, juniper berry, cedarwood, lavender, balance, breathe, bergamot, Roman Chamomile and frankincense are good choices.

I usually choose 1-2 from the above list and add them to my diffuser that is next to my bed. I change it up every few days or when my diffuser is empty

Oh, and I am a huge believer in passionflower and L-theanine which happen to be in the serenity softgels.

Check out this free user guide to essential oils and if you are ready to get your hands on these oils, just pop over here for your wholesale account and these gems. When you do, you’ll get plugged into my amazing oil community and a welcome from me.