The chemistry of most citrus oils contains over 90% limonene. Our Grapefruit is around 95%! This monoterpene is a powerful cleanse, which is why it’s an aroma often found in cleaning supplies. BUT Limonene is being studied for sooo much more than just a clean counter.

Oral application of limonene has shown to have a number of different health-benefiting effects. When ingested, experimental research has suggested that limonene may support healthy cellular function.

Another study found that limonene may support proper respiratory function.

Even better, when taken internally, research has shown that limonene may support proper immune function and response.

Citrus essential oils are often associated with weight management efforts and for good reason. Experimental and clinical research suggests that limonene may support healthy metabolism when consumed.

Another study found that orally ingested limonene may help to support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels already in the normal range.

When combined with healthy lifestyle habits, including proper nutrition and regular exercise, limonene-rich citrus essential oils may have the ability to support weight management efforts through assisting proper metabolic and blood sugar regulation.

Limonene has shown to be useful in dental applications as well. Human clinical research suggests that toothpaste containing limonene may help to brighten teeth and remove stains.

Another study suggested that limonene applied topically to the teeth and gums may help to promote clean, healthy-looking teeth.

Did you drink your 1-3 drops with water today???

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