Get Your Sleep

Remember when you were little and whoever was in charge of you would put you down for a nap and you would fight it and flat out refuse to sleep?

As an adult, I would love for someone to tell me to take a nap! 🤣

Did you know that sleep is a huge factor in your hormone health? Your body repairs and turns over cells while you sleep. Proper sleep supports your emotional and mental state.

😴 Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
😴 Turn off the screens 1-2 hours before bed
😴 Put your diffuser on 30 minutes prior to bedtime
😴 Stretch before bed

What’s in your diffuser each night?

Ps… I also take 2 Serenity softgels and 2 Copaiba softgels every night 30 min before I’m ready for sleep! 😴 Would you love more info on these? Send me a message and I can send you some samples!!

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