Cultivating Love

I’ve never been a yoga teacher that loves pictures of postures. It seems so very anti-yoga to me, especially since the true essence of yoga has very little to do with the physical body, and so much more with how we show up in life, and I am always hesitant to post my (somewhat) able body in a posture that so many of my beloved students could not access. It seems pretty exclusive and not at all what yoga is about.


I am cultivating a love and presence with this physical body of mine who screams in pain and asks me for subtle changes to find comfort. I am in awe of her form that wrestles with daily pain and yet still keeps on keeping on. I am finding a mad love affair with her resiliency, so pardon my pictures of form to document that she is okay, and strong, and powerful and glorious.

Pain is a beast. Be kind to those who you might assume has a cake job/life. It’s not always so glamorous as it seems.

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