What’s Your Dream Kit?

This has never happened before.

Usually when someone decides to get started using oils—or switching from store bought yo pure oils—they either choose a
pre-selected bundle of oils in a kit and the wholesale pricing fee is waived.

But, if your needs are unique and you want to choose your own oils in a bundle, you’d normally have to pay the $35 wholesale pricing fee.

Now that has been changed and YOU can hand select what YOU need for your own I work needs and it may qualify for that fee to be waived!

Once you order, I will personally connect with you, send you a gift with tools to get you started, and add you to my special VIP group.

So if you’re tired of addressing your life and with things that may not be the best, let’s chat! I can help you find exactly what you need.

Natural cleaning? Complicated diagnosis? New baby in your life? Sick animals? Stress and mood management tools not working or the side effects too much? Weight issues? Ready to ditch the candles and air fresheners? The list goes on and on.

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