Answers to the Question

I get a lot of questions these days as to when I will be offering classes in my studio again. The answer is complicated. Part of my reasoning has to do with the value I place on one of yoga’s deepest principles, which is ahimsa—translated to mean the ethical principle of not causing harm to other living things. Congregating in a cozy, small space to breathe together feels a bit irresponsible given the current situation. Another reason also relates to practicing this principle in my own personal life as I navigate the painful months winter has on my own body. Instead, I am finding that my body wants to be nurtured more than it wants to expend energy right now. And finally, I am working on a really big project that I believe is the next level to a huge aspect of my business, which is bringing yoga into residential programs for adults living with brain injuries.

With all of that, I will say nothing can take your yoga as deep as practicing at home. There are many reasons why you think you can’t, but those are often mental obstacles that are preventing you from a rich and intimate yoga practice.

To help hurdle some of the obstacles, it’s important to set yourself up for a great home practice by creating an inviting home yoga space. It doesn’t have to be a separate room, a small quiet corner works just fine! Add some meaningful objects, some good essential oils, and make sure your household knows it’s YOUR time.

I have over 160 videos on my website and accessing them is easy! Of course, a love donation is a beautiful expression of reciprocity💓.

Need help getting started? I’m happy to chat! I also take private clients, both in person (with common sense of course) and online.

In person classes WILL return, I promise.

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