Unplug Awhile

This can be a super crazy time of year. Lots of extra demands and things to do. I am finding as each year passes I opt to shop less, decorate less, worry less about the perfect everything and instead be more intentional with my time and actions.

I notice with this subtle shift I am much happier, but I still find myself in the cycle of burnout at times. Much like our modem that sometimes needs an unplug to reboot, so do I. Winding up a successful year of refining my business and myself, I woke up today feeling the need to unplug and reboot.

For me, today is my unplug day where I get to be home, enjoy the hopeful snow, bake some cookies, make some more bath bombs, do some yoga, and just BE.

Can you relate to the feeling of needing to unplug? It’s important to ask yourself where you’re investing your energy. If you’re feeling drained, perhaps unplug for awhile and do something that fills you.

What feeds YOUR soul? How do YOU unplug?

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