Witnessing Beauty

I love this time of year because everything in me naturally wants to push against the hectic season so I find myself deliberately seeking out more beauty, more pleasure, more refinement (see my blog post on that magical word).

I was home from a long day of brain injury + hundreds of miles of driving, showering off the days grime and I walked out into my bedroom to witness this.

All the stress, the drama, the worries, the uncertainties, the future based thinking, the turmoil, the stinking chronic pain….simply gone.

I held onto this photo only sharing in stories until I could truly capture what it means to me to live in a place where such beauty exists AND do the amazing work that I do where everyday feels like this to my people— a gift! Treasured, appreciated, honored.

In my final weeks of this year, I vow to pause to notice these kinds of daily miracles and not get caught up in the cycle of crazy.

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