Tumeric Supplement

These amazing one-of-a-kind delivery system is truly remarkable. doTERRA is the first to combine CPTG Turmeric essential oil & Turmeric extract in a dual chamber capsule, creating a uniquely powerful synergy of tumerones & curcuminoids, in order to maximize the effectiveness & benefits of both compounds for a healthy inflammatory response.


Steam distilled from turmeric roots of the Curcuma longa plant, Turmeric essential oil encourages the body’s healthy response to inflammation and oxidative stress, & may support healthy cellular function. Turmeric essential oil has two unique chemical components, Turmerone & ar-Turmerone, that have been shown to help the body with the absorption of curcumin, offering support to the body’s natural defenses. These components make Turmeric essential oil a daily staple.


Turmeric extract may be one of the most effective nutritional supplement in existence because it contains curcuminoids that help the body fight free radicals & have a role in protecting against oxidative damage. An important benefit of Turmeric extract is its ability to maintain a healthy inflammatory response at the molecular level.


Research has shown that curcuminoids have poor bioavailability, but when combined with turmerones from Turmeric essential oil bioavailability can be increased. The dual chamber capsules are truly unique because they combine key ingredients together in one convenient delivery system, resulting in better absorption of Turmeric. Unlike other brands that combine Turmeric extract with agents like black pepper extract, the dual chamber capsule is a more natural approach. You do NOT need to take Black Pepper when you take these capsules, since the essential oil increase the bioavailability 11 times & acts as an agent to help the curcuminoids absorb better!

Supports inflammatory response, reduces discomfort in joints, supports mood, fights free radicals, antioxidant, supports healthy cellular function & metabolism, neurological support & protects against oxidative damage!

These are game changers in living a life of inflammatory response. Living with lupus and fibromyalgia, and being a Pitta Dosha, I tend to run pretty hot all the time. I take these every single day and cannot imagine not having these as support.

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