Essential Yoga–Freedom (Celebrate One’s Own Power)

Celebrating one’s own innate freedom invites us to remember that no one or no thing can disturb the freedom on the inside, unless we allow it to. This practice will include hip opening and soft backbends to create a more spacious feel to the body. The postures coupled with essential oils to lift the mood, open the heart and remind us to be playful and creative in life.

This workshop and the essential oils we will use are selected to also remind us that our own inner peace is something we can choose to control. That “freedom” on the inside can’t be disturbed by others unless we allow it. The selected oils will help us solidify and fortify our strength and our sense of play and fun.

Be Ready To Practice

For this online workshop you will need:

  • Quiet space to practice
  • A yoga mat or towel
  • Water in a glass or stainless bottle
  • Soft, comforting meditation type music (optional)
  • Essential Oils
  • Bare (feet)
  • Empty (belly)
  • Open (heart)

Enjoy this beautiful, sensation based Yoga practice. Thank you for your donation. As I continue to offer my teaching practice in an online format, I am so grateful for those of you who have generously paid for your participation.

Essential Oils


PHYSICAL: Promotes feelings of clear breathing. Supports overall respiratory health –good for seasonal and environmental threats as it opens the airways. Soothes tired, sore muscles—great for massage. Beneficial for the skin and cleansing surfaces as well as the air. Purifies and cleanses and supports healthy immune system function.

EMOTIONAL: “The Oil of Wellness” Beneficial to diffuse in support of those facing illness or a limiting environment where they can thrive. Addresses a deep need to be unwell, sick, or unhealthy –as in when we get sick to give ourselves an excuse to take a break. Let go of that!Helps those who sense the possibility of greater freedom but who need support to move beyond fear and habit into something greater. Encourages us to open up our spirit to be more positive and vital! Used in today’s workshop to support the deep desire for freedom from whatever is suffocating us or holding us back from our true selves


PHYSICAL: Supports healthy respiratory function (like Eucalyptus) –chosen to help us breathe freely in our theme of FREEDOM. Assists in lowering body temperature temporarily. Alleviates occasional stomach upset, relieving occasional gas, colic or acid indigestion. Freshens breath. Stimulating to the mind –wakes us up –makes us more aware.

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of a Buoyant Heart” Lifts our spirits and soul to give us a break. Helps us feel free to move on and avoid focusing on our difficulties. Allows us to see a bigger picture –increase our vision and tolerance for things that aren’t to our liking. Lets us “stomach” any concerns and “digest” new ideas and impressions. Great oil for those who are in need or inspiration and insight. Used in today’s workshop to open our awareness and see the bigger vision for our world and place within it—giving us the freedom to rise above our difficulties.


PHYSICAL: Powerful and rare oil that is very diverse in its use on/in/around the body. The “one” oil you want if you can only have one! Known historically as a holy oil used for anointing and sacred ceremonies when spiritual awareness is desired. Highly researched for its ability to helps build and maintain a healthy immune system and function. Known to support the rejuvenation of skin and other epithelial tissue.

EMOTIONAL: “The Oil of Truth”. Connects us to our spiritual selves creating a healthy attachment to our actual father or the father figure in our lives. Reminds us we are loved and protected with a gentle, loving Divine spirit (God) Helps release us to break free from our past, making it an ideal oil to use for those seeking spiritual awakening and evolution through meditation and prayer. Used in today’s workshop to help us quiet our mind and really listen to our internal wisdom that is guided by divine love and compassion.


PHYSICAL: Blend includes: Wintergreen/Lavender/Peppermint/Frankincense/ Cilantro/Roman Chamomile/ Marjoram/ Basil/Rosemary Oils in this blend were selected to provide grounding and balancing emotional support. Eases muscle tension in head and neck when applied topically. Soothes the mind and body –calms emotions and reduces stress and worry. Packaged in a convenient roll-on bottle for easy application.

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of Relief” Helps us let go of stress, fear & emotional tension. Relaxing properties of oils helps teach our body how to relax and unwind. Allows us to balance ourselves after times when we are feeling overworked, burned out and fatigued. Very valuable to calm severe stress and trauma. Reminds us to appreciate and be GRATEFUL for all the experiences life gives us, even the hard ones! Used in today’s workshop to relieve restrictions that may keeping us trapped in our thinking and allow us to focus with joy, on the freedom we truly have.


PHYSICAL: Powerful cleanser and purifying agent for surfaces. Protects against seasonal and environmental threats –as it is high in antioxidants and supportive to the immune system. Uplifting aroma lifts the mind and therefore, the body as we take in a sip. Taken internally or applied topically, this oil can provide relief from occasional digestive discomfort.

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of Abundance” Helps reduces anxious feelings, and calm emotions. Inspires creativity, a positive mood and brings joy & peace, happiness and FUN into your day. Encourages creative thinking and fearlessness. Used in today’s workshop to help us let go of the need for perfection and open up to the freedom that comes when we receive creative inspiration from others.


PHYSICAL: Therapeutic, calming effect on the skin, mind & body. Frees us to let go and relax. Supports the good health of the circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine and other systems of the body. Also supports a healthy immune system function. Combats occasional sleeplessness, eliminates occasional irritability and relieves restlessness –great for children.

EMOTIONAL: “Oil of Spiritual Purpose” Helps us discover our true, life purpose to find meaning in our lives. Peace-evoking. Leads the soul to where it needs to be and what it needs to be doing. The quote “Do what you love and everything will be a success” is so true here. This oil brings out the sunshine in our disposition! Used in today’s workshop to support us and recognize the freedom we have to embrace our true purpose.

You can purchase all of these oils in a bundle that includes wholesale pricing, access to education and mentoring, a welcome package from me and an invitation into my community. Plus, I will send you specific uses beyond this yoga practice for the oils that you invest in. There are HUNDREDS of uses for these oils.

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